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Tender Care Organic Soothing Breast Oil + Fresh Dew Serum Lotion (Value $106)



The female body is simply amazing. It’s strong enough to support us through pregnancy while nourishing the growing life we carry. As our bodies are hard at work nurturing a beautiful new baby, it can be easy to forget to nurture ourselves. 

This bundle is curated with pregnancy skincare products for skin and body needs specifically during the time of 3rd trimester and nursing. It includes our luxury organic breast oil - Tender Care to make breastfeeding easier and Fresh Dew Serum Lotion to ease hyperpigmentation and dehydration. 

More Details:

Tender Care Organic Soothing Breast Oil ($58)

Size: 1.5 FL. OZ. / 44mL 

This velvety 98% organic breast oil contains nurturing ingredients to help soothe chapped skin and to calm sensitivity caused by breastfeeding, bringing both baby and mom peace.

Made with organic natural oils and unscented so you don’t have to worry about your little one nursing after you apply.

    Key Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Sweet Almond Oil - Rich in fatty acids and oleic acid. Gentle and mild, it can be easily absorbed for lightening stretch mark and skin nourishment. 
    • Evening Primrose Oil - Helps relieve breast pain during nursing.

     Fresh Dew Serum Lotion ($48)

    Size: 1.7 FL. OZ / 50mL 

    This multi-functional all-in-one product can be used as a lightweight lotion, serum and base primer. 

    Like a splash of moisture for your skin, this treatment serum restores skin’s natural dewiness, while a blend of nurturing plant extracts packed with antioxidants provide protection from aging free radicals. 

    Fresh Dew provides deep hydration to soothe dry skin before, during and after pregnancy.

    Key Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Sodium Hyaluronate - Safe for pregnancy and provides deep hydration. 
    • Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Closely resembles human sebum, locking in moisture and delivering nutrients deep into the epidermis. 
    • Evening Primrose Oil - GLA and fatty acid content encourages blood circulation. 


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