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The female body is simply amazing. It’s strong enough to only support us through pregnancy while nourishing the growing life we carry. As our bodies are hard at work nurturing a beautiful new babe, it can be easy to forget to nurture ourselves. While being mindful of our child’s development is important, many of us forget to prioritize our own self-care during this sacred time. Here are a few of the benefits of taking some moments to put yourself first.


It allows you to connect with your body

Pregnancy is a time of beauty and adjustment as fluctuating hormones change everything we once knew about our bodies. It’s important to honor ourselves during this time by getting in touch with our bodies and their unique needs. We’re hard at work creating a new life, so it’s natural to feel tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. Set time aside for a nap or massage when you need it; being in tune with our physical needs helps us connect with its signals and changes before birth. When we prioritize our wellbeing, we are able to tap into the strength needed to shepherd a new life into this world.


It helps you stay calm and centered

Just as important as mother and child’s healthy physical development, self-care is critical for nourishing the soul as well. While turning attention inward can feel selfish or unnecessary, setting aside time each day to focus on ourselves reduces stress, improves mood, and fosters a loving environment for a new addition. It’s natural to feel anxious or uncertain about birth, but taking some time each day to connect with our inner selves can soothe the spirit. Incorporating five-minute meditations or journaling can lower blood pressure and relieve the stress we may feel as we anticipate childbirth.


It supports your special bond

Most importantly, we must take this time to enjoy the unique bond growing between mother and child. Cherish this time when two spirits share one body – truly the strongest bond two people can share. Soon, the world will know our children and they will know the world. For now, however, they are our own, and we must respect this intimate time. As we nurture ourselves, we nurture our child, and we strengthen an ancient and unbreakable bond that will continue for a lifetime.


After birth, we will turn our love and attention to the tiny being that depends on us completely. Between late night feedings and diaper changes, there will be less time for an indulgent tummy massage with a luxurious body oil or a balancing face mask. Now is the time to create clean and pure rituals that will rejuvenate us throughout the exhausting yet beautiful journey that is motherhood.

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