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"Amareta founders believe that powerful women are born from powerful self-care rituals; a belief that I, along with Darling, too share. Caring for others — whether your baby, your spouse or your friend — always starts with caring for yourself."

Darling Magazine's editor Brie Naughton shared her thoughts on the following products: 

Moon Light Brightening Gel Cleanser
Fresh Dew Serum Lotion
Skin Lullaby Ultra Moisturizing Cream
Grow Together Nourishing Belly Oil
Natural Flush All Over Color

She told, "When it came to the cleanser, the serum lotion and the cream, the felt effects were almost immediate. It was as if my skin was literally drinking each of them in. However, over the course of the next few weeks I began to not only feel the effects on my skin, but see them as well. Slowly but surely my skin actually began to look nourished, fresh and awake in a way that it hadn’t in a long time."

Though her favorite is the Grow Together Nourishing Belly Oil

"the real ace in the deck is the Grow Together Nourishing Belly Oil. In my first two pregnancies, I thought I got off scott free and sans stretch marks, but in my third go around those tiger stripes finally made themselves known. Though minor in comparison, they were still enough to make me a bit self-conscious and were certainly enough to make me hope for zero more."

I began using the belly oil in the fifth month of this pregnancy, the month that historically I’ve gained my most weight, and I’m happy to report that I not only haven’t acquired any new stretch marks but the oil has aided in diminishing the appearance of the ones that were currently there."

Another favorite of Brie's is Natural Flush All Over Color -  "I will tell you this, while on the road to feeling like “me” again, I will absolutely be putting the Flush All Over Color to solid, daily, use. And hopefully Amareta will continue to be as helpful then as it has been now. "

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