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Style Caster's Interview with Amareta, about how self awareness is a vital part of skin care. Read the full article here.


Practice Self Awareness

'Oftentimes, we’re in such a rush to fix our skin problems, that we don’t take the time to really listen to our bodies. Claire Zhao, co-founder of Amareta, recommends slowing down and realizing that above all things, your skin care journey is a personal one. Ultimately, you may find that your physical challenges are linked to an emotional or mental setback, thus completely changing how you alleviate the problem.

“Get more in tune with your body, as our bodies respond to every little thing going on in and outside of us,” she says. “Skin is an organ that tells a lot about our bodies’ overall wellness. Spend some time everyday to connect skin health with how you generally feel physically and emotionally on that day. You will become more aware of changes that are taking place.”

Accept Changes

To that end, you may find that it’s best to support whatever change you’re going through instead of trying to cover it. Zhao says, “for example, anything that occurs right before your period, such as cramps, breast tenderness, blemishes, bloating is considered pre-menstrual syndrome.”

We tend to use pills or makeup instead of testing what works best for us individually. “Limiting salt, caffeine, and cutting out sugar will help reduce skin and body’s water retention, thus reducing bloating…Find comfort in knowing that there are things you can do to support your skin.”

Read the full article by Nikki Brown, Style Caster here.

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